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Acquiring A Mining License


Types of Mineral Rights


Licence TypeReconnaissance Licence (RL)Prospecting Licence (PL)Mining Lease (ML)Restricted Mining Lease (RML) Small Scale Mining Licence (Reserve for Ghanaians only)
PurposeRegional exploration not including drilling & excavationSearch for minerals and evaluationExtraction of mineralsBuilding and Industrial mineralsExtraction of minerals
AreaBlocks of 21 hectares, not exceeding 5,000 contiguous blocksNot exceeding 750 contiguous blocksNot exceeding 300 contiguous blocksNot exceeding 300 contiguous blocksIn accordance with the number of blocks prescribed in Regulations
Maximum Duration12 months renewable3 years, renewable with reduction of area to not more than half30 years or less depending on mine life. Renewable15 years or less depending on mine life. Renewable5 years, renewable

Acquisition procedure for

Reconnaissance , Restricted Reconnaissance , Prospecting and Restricted Prospecting licence

View InfographicDocuments Required

Step 1

Submit Your Application

Once you have filled and gathered all the required documents you will have to submit it at the district office. It takes 5 days to review the application. The next 5 days is for notification of errors.

Step 2

Publish In Gazzete

15 days after recording, MTD publishes in the gazette, notify chiefs, traditional authorities etc. through MC District Offices

Step 3


21 days, stakeholders submit concerns about the application.

Step 4

Commission Considers Application

30 days , The commission considers the applicationand recomends to the Hon. Minister

Step 5

Minister Takes Decision

Within 60 Days the minister takes a decision on the application

Step 6

Approval / Rejected

21 days notification of applicant and Fees payable if approved. Reasons are given if rejected.

Step 7

Applicable Fees

Within 60 days, applicant pays applicable fees and gives notice of acceptance of the grant to Minister and Commission in writing.

Step 8


Minister on proof of payment of applicable fees, issues licence to applicant within 30 days after the date of acceptance of the grant