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Mining Cadastre

The implementation of Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS) at the Minerals Commission seeks to improve and strengthen current levels of compliance checks and license administration procedures and practices.

Industry Statistics

Monthly statistics of Gold produced and transported by the various mining companies on both small scale and large scale in Ghana. This is made available to the public to get the data statistics on Gold extract. This is to help facilitates easy trading.

Small Scale Mining

The recognition of, and support to, small-scale mining is based on the premise that it offers opportunities to generate employment, support rural livelihoods and foster local entrepreneurship, as well as mining in a sustainable manner. SMALL SCALE AND COMMUNITY MINING-OPERATIONAL MANUAL -SEP. 2021 Download

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The government launched the Small Scale and Community Mining Scheme to provide a controlled mining regime in the Artisanal Small Scale Mining Industry in an effort to stop illegal mining. The initiative, which is exclusive to Ghanaians, is presently being implemented in all of the country’s mining regions. The plan is intended as a direct response to the country’s long-standing problem of wanton destruction caused by illegal mining.


(Chief Executive Officer)

Message from The CEO

The 2019 Annual Report of the Minerals Commission is based on the Minerals and Mining Policy as well as the broad policy objectives of Government in line with the Sector Medium Term Development Plan (SMTDP) 2018 – 2021. It also captured Government policy as outlined in the 2019 Budget Statement for the Natural Resources Sector. For the mining sector, the policy objectives considered under the SMTDP (2018 – 2021) are:

  1. Ensure sustainable extraction of mineral resources; and
  2. Ensure the mining sector is linked with the rest of the economy.

The average price of gold in 2019 (US$ 1,393.34/oz) was higher than that of 2018 (US$ 1,268.49/oz). The improvement in gold price had positive impacts especially, for Ghana because gold is the country’s flagship mineral which accounts for about 93% of total mineral exports.

Update on Mining Activities

Small Scale Mining

Small-scale mining of precious minerals continues to make significant contributions to the country's foreign exchange earnings. Currently, there are over 3,000 registered small scale mining groups and 90 Mine Support service companies. In fact, all diamond production is now from small-scale mining.

Large Scale Mining

The favourable investment climate coupled with Ghana's mineral endowment has attracted over 250 local and foreign companies to the industry for mineral exploration. Currently, there are 16 large scale companies producing gold, diamond, bauxite and Manganese.

Development (Industrial) Minerals

Ghana is also endowed with deposits of iron ore, limestone, columbite-tantalite, feldspar, quartz and salt, and there are also minor deposits of ilmenite, magnetite and rutile. Some of these industrial minerals - eg brown clays, kaolin and silica sand are being exploited on small scale to supply local industries.

Inauguration of Mincom Board

The nine (9) member governing Board of the Minerals Commission was inaugurated on September 8, 2021 by the Hon. Samuel Abu Jinapor (Minister of Lands and Natural Resources) at the Conference room of the Ministry. The Board is chaired by Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi (former Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources and MP, Prestea Huni-Valley) and other members of the board are Mr. Martin Kwaku Ayisi (Ag. CEO of Minerals Commission), Alhaji Iddrisu Sulemana (Savanah Region, NPP Chairman), Hon. Dakoa Newman (MP, Okaikwei South), Togbui Awusu III, Hon. Charles Acheampong (MP, Lower West Akim), Mr. James Koligu Ataki, Mr. Emmanuel Vincent (Esq) and Mrs. Judy Nakuor Crayem.


Gold Deposits of Ghana US$ 150.00
Industrial Mineral Resources of Ghana US$ 150.00
Solar Salt Technology GH₵ 15.00
Map of Geological & Mineral Resources of Ghana US$ 20.00
Mineral Concession Map of Ghana (scale:1:1000,000) US$ 150.00

The Minerals Commission


The Minerals Commission Act 1993, (Act 450), stipulate the functions of the Commission as follows:

To formulate recommendations of national policy for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources with special reference to establishing national priorities having due regard to the national economy;

To monitor the operations of all bodies or establishments with responsibility for minerals and report to the Minister;

To secure a firm basis of comprehensive data collection on national mineral resources and the technologies of exploration and exploitation for national decision making

To monitor the implementation of laid down Government policies on minerals and report on this to the Minister;

To advise the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources on matters relating to minerals;

To receive and assess public agreements relating to minerals and report to Parliament;

To perform such other functions as the Minister may assign to it.


The objectives of the Minerals Commission as aligned with the Sector Medium Term Development Framework are:

Sustainable Extraction of Mineral Resources.

Effective Linkages of the Extractive Industry to the rest of the economy.

Under these objectives, Minerals Commission operates within four (4) Thematic Areas namely:

Reorganization of Minerals Commission

Diversification & Value Addition

Deepening Local Content

Improving the Management of ASM

Mining Policy

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Mining Regulations

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